April 2018 – Terra Sarda Rally in Ogliastra, Italian Rally Cup


The Rally Terra Sarda won the Star of the Italian Cup


The race scheduled in Ogliastra the next 13, 14 and 15 April, will be a unique date signed Porto Cervo Racing Team for 2018, waiting to relight the engines in North Sardinia in 2019, when the team will celebrate twenty years of its activity.


The Sardinian Land Rally in Ogliastra represents the continuity of a very successful event, as like it has been a great success on Terra Sarda in Gallura.

With a view to enhancing territories, municipalities that have always supported the event, it will keep planning with all those who continue to support this popular race.


The edition 2019 will bring the engines in Gallura and Costa Smeralda and becomes officially touring rally that spans the entire “island of engines”.

The Rally Terra Sarda is a sports heritage, not only in Sardinia but also nationally and internationally.


The Italian Cup is a great sponsorship: it is a category to which the most deserving competitions in their respective zones have had access; with a mileage of around 100 km of special stages, this time gives the ability to deploy powerful and fascinating cars like WRC, World Rally Car turbo 1600cc. o 2000cc., Car Kit, RGT, and R5.


The Rally Terra Sarda will be taking part in a group of 16 events throughout Italy, divided into four areas, in the third: (Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Campania, Abruzzo, Marche and Sardinia), will be part of the 7th Rally Terra Sarda – Rally d’Ogliastra. In the Third Zone four races have been identified: the Terra Sarda that will have the highest factor of 1.5, it will open the series as a first step.


The team will put all its energy to plan one race a year, well labored in detail with a strong campaign for road safety, be involving the Municipalities that host us, be supporting the successful series of the Sardinia Rally Cup, promoting all Sardinia with the sport.


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