Architecture: the Costa Smeralda Style

Resorts in the coasts of Italy and Europe are usually developed around an actual village in compliance with the existing architectural style.
In Costa Smeralda towns and villages have otherwise developed on unspoiled and uninhabited spots of the coasts, in a region with nearly no settlments, where the seaside extraordinary value had never before been exploited.


An area of several kilometers of coast has been developed with an environmentally friendly spirit by internationally renowed Architects : Vietti, Couelle, Busiris, Vici, Lesuisse, Polese, Spits, who have defined the Sardinian architecture, capable of resuming and using some traditional elements and materials with the result of a new identity: the style of Costa Smeralda. A new urban model resembling that of a medieval village, with an architecture based on simple shapes, well-defined volumes,blended in the environment with the use of plaster and light pastel colors.Villas wrapped in thick vegetation, characterized by extreme care in the choice of building materials and architectural formulas, simple yet exclusive.
Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda  is a wonderful and unique stretch of coastline in the Mediterranean, where beauty and style define a guaranteed value over time and a rock solid investment.

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