Befana comes at night…

Surprises for the little ones are not finished yet. Won’t be missing, in fact, all over the island, original initiatives to have a good time also on the last of the feasts: Epiphany.

epiphany-2015-sardiniaPrecursor of the celebrations will be the Park of Padrongianus. Always involved in organizing activities for the children, the park offers on January 5th the workshop “Rags and Befanas”, conceived for children aged 4 years and older. The idea is to build a “homemade” Befana with rags and potholders, to go along with the expectation of the true one that, on the morning of January 6th, with its cargo of candy and sweets, will visit all children who want to say goodbye to her in person at the park.

Also in Olbia celebrations for Epiphany will begin on January 5th with the traditional drawing competition for children. The next day, after the Mass, the Befana will start the real party by delivering socks bursting with sweets and toys. For two days original street artists will enliven the city, keeping company to its befana-socks-sardiniainhabitants until January 7th, when the lottery drawing will officially close the festivities.

For older ones, instead, absolutelt not to be missed the Exhibition of Nativity Scenes, open to the public until January 6th 2015 at the Lazaretto of Cagliari. Born in 2000 by the passion of two friends for modeling, over the years this event has become an unmissable appointment, hosted from the fascinating setting of the Lazaretto of Cagliari, a splendid cultural space located on the seafront of Borgo Sant’Elia and dating back to 1600.

The exhibition is a real fair of creativity, which leaves space to the most various techniques and materials, giving all nativity-scenes-exhibition-2015-cagliariparticipants the opportunity to better express their personal artistic vein. Organized and promoted by the Club Modellismo e Hobby di Serramanna, each year this exposition reveals itself a truly impressive show, with its unique ability to enhance with the imagination the magical Christmas atmosphere.

So Sardinia does not betray its strong bond with tradition, with a calendar of events that proves very rich throughout the whole festive period. Do not miss the magic of the ancient island folklore!