“Cammino a cuncordu”: walking through Sardinia.

The Nomad Republic arrives in Sardinia for the conclusion of its tour of Italy on foot.

cammino-cuncordu-sardiniaThe initiative was born in 2011, when Antonio Moresco, along with a group of writers, gives life to “Walk, walk,” a project that plans to travel the country, and not only, on foot. The first section, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, covers the distance from Milan to Naples-Scampia, in a long and fascinating “promenade” lasted 44 days.

This first way is very successful, both among the participants and the inhabitants of the crossed localities, gaining popularity and support by many people, but also by many institutions. This gives its creators the possibility to broaden their horizons: that’s how “Star of Italy” takes shape, a new path that, in 2012, sees five groups of walkers leaving from opposite ends of the country, with the intention to meet each other in L’Aquila, in a time when the city, recently hit by the earthquake, is the heart of Italy.

In the following years the paths of the Nomad Republic continue to explore far and wide our beautiful regions, up to trespass through Switzerland, Germany and France, in 2014, towards Strasbourg.

sardinia-on-footSardinia is the stage of arrival of this incredible adventure, that in few years has managed to involve thousands of people. Started from Portoscuso on May 31st, the members of the Nomad Republic will cross, always rigorously on foot, the entire island. From the most pristine natural areas to the mysterious charm of the archaeological sites, from the mining areas to the suggestive atmosphere of the lesser-known towns of the inland, with their traditions and their customs.

During their transit, the participants of the “Cammino a cuncordu“, this is the name of the Sardinian stage, will be guests of various cultural events, with the common intention to discover and value the most hidden and authentic Sardinia, thanks to the company and contribution of all those who live there.

A definitely unusual journey, but able to be much more exciting and engaging than many routes by now expected. An experience to live with curiosity and enthusiasm, in order to fully grasp all the unforgettable emotions it has to offer.

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