Canoeing Weekend in Valledoria


Casteldoria lake is one of the most fascinating of Sardinia.


The Coghinas with its 116 km is the third longest river in Sardinia, the most important of the northern part of the island. It owes its name Coghinas ( “kitchens” in Logudorese) in the presence of hot springs near Casteldoria,whose salt-bromine-iodine water flow at 76 ° C and give rise to an important thermal complex.


Sunday, November the 26th 9:00 am, Valledoria


With this canoeing excursion, through a closed path, you will be able to admire the beauty of its panorama: the Ponte Vecchio in front of your eyes,

immersed in the Mediterranean scenery, mountains in the background that go down to the river and a Canyon which marks the way to hikers until the dam. The itinerary has as its starting point the small Tissennari beach, goes on until you get to the dam before returning. The trail is, despite its length, suitable for everyone, even for kids.


You will also have the chance to immortalize the rare marsh Falcon and the beautiful Herons.