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Successful  Real Estate  Investments

In an economic landscape where the home is still considered the safest asset and has become the focus of life projects of Italians and foreigners, the choice of investing in Sardinia responds perfectly to the innate desires of: quality of life , well-being, nature, freedom.

The Gallura-Costa Smeralda are the heart of the Mediterranean : a living environment “energy”, in perfect balance between beauty, style and wellbeing.

Immobilsarda has been promoting buyers for more than 40 years in quality of life . We always accompany our clients to discover the perfect places and homes in Gallura – Costa Smeralda: real rare goods.

The value of these properties is measured taking into account their inclusion in an extraordinary context such as Gallura, where natural balance is preserved and valorised. The presence of immovable properties in the surrounding natural scenery, in an environment dominated by crystal clear sea, promotes the rediscovery of the value of time and contact with nature.

Among the most sought-after areas are: Romazzino , Piccolo , Pevero Golf , Celvia , Cala di Volpe and at the gateway to the Costa Smeralda: Porto Rotondo , Porto Rafael , Palau , Capo Ceraso , withPortobello di Gallura to the north.


The ImmobilSarda advertising campaign is planned annually on both national and international newspapers, financials, economics, general headlines and industry magazines, websites, and specialized channels that guarantee the company and the wide range of solutions offered.


In addition to the acquisition phase of the property, promotion and support of the sale Immobilsarda also deals with “Property Management”.

Thanks to its forty years of experience and the ground-breaking presence, our company boasts knowledge and collaboration with the best professionals and is able to provide after sales service and support to the efficient and quality customer.

To entrust management to Immobilsarda means no longer having to deal with the bureaucratic aspects and how to maximize profitability, so that you can enjoy your property.

Thanks to a team of lawyers, accountants, professional technicians we can guarantee the negotiation / renewal of lease contracts, careful management and resolution of all the problems that may arise in relation to your home.

Any urban issues, the definition of the fees due, the renting with seasonal rent will be our priority by keeping the customer from all organizational and management burdens and ensuring fast resolution of all maintenance issues and more generally everything what concerns the efficiency in economic and performance terms of every single property.

ImmobilSarda is the ideal partner for those who are looking for a sensory and emotional experience in one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in the Mediterranean that still has an amazing nature and an ancient and fascinating culture.

Discover and visit the northern and southern necropolis of Tharros.


On the occasion of Tutti i Santi, we will visit the Tharros necropolis with the reenactment of the punic funeral ritual. It will be a special event in collaboration with the Cultural Association Sardinia Romana.

Hours 15:00 Sa Pratza ‘e sa Festa

We are preparing for you a special itinerary for the feast of Tutti i Santi. Visit the Tharros necropolis in the Sinis Peninsula will allow us to move in history, between the world of the living and the dead. By participating in the reconstruction of ritual practices carried out by the inhabitants aged Phoenician and then Punic, we know the daily life of these people, closely related to religion and sacredness.

By train or walk, depending on availability, we will visit the two necropolis located at the extremities of the Peninsula. To the north, between the houses of San Giovann, located north of the burial ground. To the south, near the Torre Vecchia and the south. Over time, planty of excavation campaigns have highlighted the close similarity between the two necropolis, both in burial types and in rituals practiced.

With courtesy licence of the Superintendence and a special collaboration with the Cultural Association Sardinia Romana, the itinerary will end with a careful and documented historical re-enactment. Near the northern necropolis, all participants can attend the interment Punic ritual, that consists of a particular deposition of the deceased accompanied by his grave goods.

Discover and visit the northern and southern necropolis of Tharros.
Knowing the different burial rites practiced in the era Phoenician and then Punic.
Increasing knowledge about the excavations and the main findings.
Deepening the ritual aspects that probably took place in the burial spaces through the historical re-enactment made by the Cultural Roman Sardinia.

A) Meeting point (Visitor Center)
B) Southern Necropolis.
C) Northern Necropolis.
D) Area near the Observatory.



Special guided tour combined cross-country vehicle off-road as a scenic hiking route trekking to the lighthouse of Punta Scorno.

09:30 am Departure boat from Stintino, Tourist Pier Marina di Stintino.
09:50 am Arrival on the island. Cross-country vehicle accommodation.

We walk through the only cemented road that reaches the uninhabited village of Cala d’Oliva, to the north-east, on the south side of the island, the plain of Fornelli, with small stops to observe the island’s historical and natural features. to arrive in time to start our trekking towards the lighthouse.

Arrival in Cala d’Oliva. We leave the off-road and start the trekking hike towards the picturesque Faro di Punta Scorno, northern end of the island, following the Faro Path that runs across the north-eastern part of Asinara, crossing areas where the Mediterranean macchia gives us its best colors.

Lunch at the foot of the lighthouse. We head back along the northeast coast, crossing Cala d’Arena, a beautiful beach full of protection to get back to the village of Cala d’Oliva, the starting point for our trekking. The arrangement on the off-road and return to the south of the island for embarkation.

The trekking takes place on a dirt road and at rocky tracts, but well traced, with short stretches in the plane and slightly sloping trails alternating with slight downhill trails. The difficulty level is E (hiking).


Info: AsinarAvventura +39 3408610696

The Stintino area is one of the most beautiful areas of North Sardinia, with wonderful beaches and the beauty of the area where the beach La Pelosa. If you come from far and want to spend a few days to visit the town of Stintino and the Gulf of Asinara National Park, we recommend checking out our huge selection of facilities in the area or nearby, simply by booking your accommodation online.


Sos  Maruleddos  Sardos

Mention Sardinia to any mainland-dwelling Italian, and they’ll swoon the second the name leaves your lips. To say that Sardinia has captured the imagination of Italians from the tip to the top of the boot would almost be an understatement. And just from a few bites of malloreddus alla Campidanese – the unctuous sausage, the chewy pasta, the tangy tomatoes and the hint of saffron poking through on my palate – it’s easy to see why.

BBC Travel – The perfect pasta dish sardinians refuse to share

Open Breweries 2015

This year also Sardinia will attend the recent event “Birrifici Aperti” (Open Breweries), established only in 2014 but already highly acclaimed and ready to kick off the second edition, to be held on 19th and 20th September 2015.

This event was born by the purpose of offering beer enthusiasts an opportunity to visit the breweries so that they can learn more about the production process of this beverage that, with nothing to envy to wine, in recent years has earned a remarkable position in food and wine tourism.

brewery-lara-birrificioBeer Tourism” is in fact a constantly growing phenomenon and with the increase of collective interest, it is also increasing the visibility of many small companies that, at international level, testify and promote the excellence of our country in this field too.

In light of the great success of his debut, for 2015 edition the organizers of Birrifici Aperti are collaborating with various local administrations and some tour operators, with the aim of organizing a program of side events and create holiday packages “tailor-made” for the participants, which include accommodation, meals and, of course, the unmissable tastings.

To represent Sardinia will be the “Microbirrifico Lara” in Tertenia in Ogliastra which, founded in 2009, will present the creations of master brewer Gianni Piroddi. Eight beers, including several weizen and an IPA, to suit all tastes and intrigue all palates.

Really interesting initiative that will offer pleasant moments in the company of other fans of this sector, interesting tastings of craft products of excellent quality and will allow you to discover, know and appreciate another of the many Sardinian excellences sardines: beer.

The season continues at Capo Ceraso Resort!

At Capo Ceraso Resort holidays continue! The period in which holidays coincided only with the month of August is finished, the season has now become much longer, opening already between late April and early May, to then continued even until the beginning of October.

capo-ceraso-resortIn the light of these new habits of holidaymakers, also the season of our Resort revolutionises itself with the aim of maintaining the same level of quality for the whole duration of this new, long season.

Until September 26th, in fact, you can taste delicious breakfast at Bar Vega, or enjoy refreshing cocktails at the Beach Bar. To let you savour the local delicacies, the staff of the Restaurant Sabores is waiting for you, ready to surprise you with tasty and original culinary creations, made with fresh and genuine ingredients.

The beach, fully equipped, and the wonderful swimming pool will be at your disposal, for relaxing moments in the sun and rejuvenating swims or fun games with children.

ristorante-sabores-capo-ceraso-resortAll this to make it even more memorable your holidays, during which you can venture into pleasant walks in the 16 hectares of park of Mediterranean maquis that surround the Capo Ceraso Resort and enjoy the breathtaking views offered by the privileged position of the Resort, located on a panoramic promontory that opens over the Marine Park of Tavolara and Capo Figari.

Enjoy a last glimpse of summer, be enchanted by the changing colors and enveloping scents of Sptember Sardinia: come and discover the Capo Ceraso Resort!

For info and reservations: +39 348 6527823 or visit our website.

Autumn in Barbagia 2015

At its start on September 4th 2015 the 14th edition of “Autumn in Barbagia 2015, the event that since 2001 has become a must for lovers of Sardinia, but also for those who are looking for the perfect occasion to know it.

program-autumn-barbagia-2015This year, the fascinating journey to discover the island will begin on September 4th in Bitti. The 2015 edition includes the participation of over 28 municipalities, which until December 13th will be the setting of a picturesque route through the traditions and typical products of Sardinia. Visitors will be offered the chance to appreciate the typical Sardinian culinary and handicraft excellence, to observe production processes, to understand its origins and, in the case of manufactured goods, their deeper meanings.

As a background to this exciting experience, the stunning landscapes of Sardinia, its vivid colors, its pristine nature and the magical atmosphere typical of places that hold centuries of history.

Autumn in Barbagia is an incredible opportunity to explore the many aspects of a multifaceted land, all equally captivating, a sort of excursion into a parallel world where time stands still to offer to whoever ventures in a moment of absolute tranquility to fully taste its various shades and impress upon the mind a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

Nuragic Sardinia arrives in Milan

Sardinia keeps confirming itself among the great Italian protagonists of Expo 2015.

isle-towers-sardinia-milanOn this occasion, in fact, from May 6th to November 29th, the Civic Museum of Milan will host the exhibition “The Island of the towers, treasures of Nuragic Sardinia”.

Born to celebrate the figure of the tireless Sardinian archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu, the exhibition presents the main findings of the last two decades, thanks to which it was possible to redesign the history of the Nuragic civilization. More than a thousand exhibits, including many unprecedented or recently acquired, from all over Sardinia, as representatives of the many archaeological sites located throughout the island.

nuraghi-sardiniaAt the same time at Palazzo Litta, in front of the Civic Museum, will also take place an exhibition of photographs dating back to the ’80s, carried out by Gianni Berengo Gardin. The shots of Berengo Gardin was given, in 1985, the task of documenting the first stay of the Sardinian nuraghi in Milan.

30 years after that first meeting between the megaliths of Sardinia and the City of Milan, visitors are offered a new unmissable chance to immerse themselves in the surreal and magical atmosphere of these stone giants, mysterious and silent witnesses of an era that has deeply marked the history of the island and its role in the Mediterranean.

An interesting opportunity to witness the fascinating new meeting between two histories and two cultures that, while belonging to the same country, turn out to be profoundly different from each other.

“Cammino a cuncordu”: walking through Sardinia.

The Nomad Republic arrives in Sardinia for the conclusion of its tour of Italy on foot.

cammino-cuncordu-sardiniaThe initiative was born in 2011, when Antonio Moresco, along with a group of writers, gives life to “Walk, walk,” a project that plans to travel the country, and not only, on foot. The first section, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, covers the distance from Milan to Naples-Scampia, in a long and fascinating “promenade” lasted 44 days.

This first way is very successful, both among the participants and the inhabitants of the crossed localities, gaining popularity and support by many people, but also by many institutions. This gives its creators the possibility to broaden their horizons: that’s how “Star of Italy” takes shape, a new path that, in 2012, sees five groups of walkers leaving from opposite ends of the country, with the intention to meet each other in L’Aquila, in a time when the city, recently hit by the earthquake, is the heart of Italy.

In the following years the paths of the Nomad Republic continue to explore far and wide our beautiful regions, up to trespass through Switzerland, Germany and France, in 2014, towards Strasbourg.

sardinia-on-footSardinia is the stage of arrival of this incredible adventure, that in few years has managed to involve thousands of people. Started from Portoscuso on May 31st, the members of the Nomad Republic will cross, always rigorously on foot, the entire island. From the most pristine natural areas to the mysterious charm of the archaeological sites, from the mining areas to the suggestive atmosphere of the lesser-known towns of the inland, with their traditions and their customs.

During their transit, the participants of the “Cammino a cuncordu“, this is the name of the Sardinian stage, will be guests of various cultural events, with the common intention to discover and value the most hidden and authentic Sardinia, thanks to the company and contribution of all those who live there.

A definitely unusual journey, but able to be much more exciting and engaging than many routes by now expected. An experience to live with curiosity and enthusiasm, in order to fully grasp all the unforgettable emotions it has to offer.

Porto Rotondo Festival 2015

After celebrating its 50th anniversary, this year Porto Rotondo Festival prepares to pay homage to the 20 years of activity of the Theatre “Mario Ceroli”.

porto-rotondo-festival-2015The 2015 edition will be opened by sport, with “Estiva Cup”, organized by the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo and scheduled for May 30th and 31st. The calendar of sailing competitions will then continue until October, but the actual inauguration of the festival will take place on July 8th, right at the Theatre “Ceroli”. For the occasion are planned performances by Rossana Casale and Maurizio Di Fulvio Trio. Fine songwriter and performer the former, eclectic guitarist the latter, they will surely give life to a truly unforgettable night of live music.

In the following weeks on the stage of “Ceroli” will alternate a number of remarkable artists, from the folkloristic representative of local musical tradition to big names of Italian music, who will range between various genres, from pop to classical, from jazz to flamenco.

In addition to exciting challenges on the water surface and magical melodies to make even more impressive the summer nights of Porto Rotondo, the Festival will certainly give pleasant emotions to the lovers of the theatre-ceroli-porto-rotondobig screen, too, with a rich Cinema Programme, to which you can attend in the beautiful arena of “Mario Ceroli”, under the enchanting mild Sardinian starry night. As every year, there will also be appointments dedicated to children, with events, games, animation and projections tailored for the little ones.

The Porto Rotondo Festival is getting ready to be, once again, one of the most exciting events of the 2015 season, with its inexhaustible repertoire of amazing performances and memorable moments.