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If you want to live in a place where you always breathe clean air, you can safely point to Sardinia.
Here are the cities with the cleanest air in Italy. Sardinia infact, boasts the best air quality in Italy because of its low population density and the presence of vast areas still untouched.

To say it is the 24th report on the Urban Ecosystem of Legambiente and Ambiente Italia, which shows that the two cities of our island are the cleanest cities in Italy: Nuoro and Oristano are the cleanest cities in the nation.

Looking at six thematic areas, (Air, Water, Waste, Renewable Energy, Mobility and Urban Environment), Sardinia with its cities make a good impression. Urban Pollution data 2017 places Sardinia at the top of the Air Quality Classification, and also gains the scepter of the most virtuous Region of Italy with regard to the Per capita Water Consumption, just 95 Lt per inhabitant per day.

Sardinia is at the top in Italy with regard to the emission of Particulate Matter, the average annual values of the units does not exceed the proportion of 20 micrograms per cubic meter. For example, in Nuoro, the figure is at 12, while the more populated Cagliari reaches 24.5 micrograms per cubic meter.

It is certain that Sardinia, with the beauty of its healthy territory, is the ideal island for nature lovers and well-being. With its mild climate, and almost all year round, it offers persistent contact with nature and success with its benefits.

Practicing outdoor sports and being in touch with nature allow greater oxygenation and strengthening muscles, simultaneously trigger processes of strengthening the immune system and reducing free radicals, slowing the aging development.

The body and mind receive more stimulation through contact with nature, with the landscape around us and the animals we could encounter if our favorite activity is a walk through the woods.

Sport helps and stimulates the production of endorphins. Give the feeling of well-being, and if practiced in the Open Air, it is amplified thereby contributing to the reduction of anxiety and stress, with general positive effects on mood. For example, during a walk or jog in the park or on the beach sun exposure, it allows you to store and absorb vitamin D, important for maintaining strong bones and healthy.

Get out from closed places to exercise physical activity increases the propensity to socialize, the mind opens more, responsive and available to interact with other people.

Those who live within less than 1km of a true natural green area with trees have lower levels of anxiety and depression than those who live in crowded cities. The contact with nature and sunlight is the best way to get your fill of vitamin D which reduces inflammation, it improves the immune system and much more.

Moving away from the artificial lights of the city and stay for a few hours in a natural environment regulates hormonal functions and the inner clock that determines the rhythms of wakefulness and sleep.

Being surrounded by nature adds to our understanding emotions, helps the memory and improves undoubtedly the lifestyle. Spending a short holiday in contact with nature improves cognitive functions, starting from memory and attention.

Living in Sardinia means daily receive all these ingredients, known as the elixir of long life.



In the emerald sea of Sardinia, there is always the wind on the stern for sailing fans, kites and windsurfers.

Not only for sailors. When the wind blowing the Mediterranean blows on the west coast, the fascinating coastlines become a must for surfboard lovers, with fast waves and pipes that can reach up to four meters high at Cape Mannu, at the northern end of the Sinis Peninsula.
From Buggerru to Funtanamare the west coast is the paradise of the most experienced surfers who do not fear the impetuosity of the sea and the rocky backdrops.

With its almost two thousand kilometers of coastline, exposed to every wind, Sardinia is a beautiful open-air gym. For those who want to deal with it in greater pleasure, relax on long rides expired south waves. From Poetto of Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena to Chia. And continuing down to the beaches of Teulada and Porto Pino. All scenarios several times a year they become the playground of the local longboarder, on the southern coast also offers numerous spots for kiters and windsurfers.

To the north, on the western side, Porto Ferro, the extreme point of the Coral Riviera. At the center of Santa Teresa Gallura, in particular, Capo Testa and Rena Majore. On the eastern side Porto Pollo. These are the most well-equipped areas, safe and famous for the steady wind and the protection provided by the respective bays, which allow you to practice kite and windsurfing. Always at most and during almost the whole year.

In the Golfo dell’ Asinara, are no less Costa Paradiso, the long beach of Platamona and, most of all, Stintino, where the modern passion for windsurfing follows the atavistic for the characteristic Latin sail, a millenary tradition, revised and re-lived by fishermen and skilled craftsman of the small village on the sea.

In the heart of the north coast of the island, there is a homeland of windsurfing enthusiasts, a suggestive beach with dazzling shades, clear sea, always caressed by the wind.

An inlet water turquoise and the fine white sand, completely surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs. Halfway between Palau and Santa Teresa di Gallura, near the mouth of Liscia, Porto Pollo (in native dialect Portu Puddu) connects the mainland with the beautiful seagull island (or Isuledda) with a subtle sandy oasis.

The two beaches, Istmo and the second is called Arenaria, with fancy dunes surrounded by lavender flowers, lentiscus and juniper trees and a natural gym for water sports. The resort is constantly beaten by the wind, sometimes strong, so it is a particularly desirable destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

On one side or the other side of the bay, there are, alternatively, ideal conditions for surfing or flat sea. For those who have the windsurfing soul, wind in the hair, surfing on the waves will be a steady pleasure of the holiday. Also in the nearby resort of Barrabisa. While for the less sporty or for those looking for relaxing, here are the relaxing days and poetic sunsets, sheltered from the winds.

The bay is popular. It has a large parking lot, also suitable for campervans, and accessible to the disabled. The shallow water is suitable for children to play. You can rent sun umbrellas and sailing boats. There is also a windsurfing and sailing school, bars, restaurants, hotels and campgrounds immersed in rocky coves surrounded by typical Mediterranean colors and scents. It is worth exploring all the 18 hectares of the naturalistic paradise of the Isola dei Gabbiani, and nearby, and visit the Palau treasures: the indomitable beauty of Punta Sardegna, the exotic features of Cala Trana, the splendid Porto Faro and the natural monument of the Roccia dell’Orso where the breathtaking view opens of the Maddalena Islands.

In these beautiful places, try a feeling of complete immersion in nature in the most loved and frequented by surfers from around the world, where you can have fun with the wind and waves all year round.



Discover and visit the northern and southern necropolis of Tharros.


On the occasion of Tutti i Santi, we will visit the Tharros necropolis with the reenactment of the punic funeral ritual. It will be a special event in collaboration with the Cultural Association Sardinia Romana.

Hours 15:00 Sa Pratza ‘e sa Festa

We are preparing for you a special itinerary for the feast of Tutti i Santi. Visit the Tharros necropolis in the Sinis Peninsula will allow us to move in history, between the world of the living and the dead. By participating in the reconstruction of ritual practices carried out by the inhabitants aged Phoenician and then Punic, we know the daily life of these people, closely related to religion and sacredness.

By train or walk, depending on availability, we will visit the two necropolis located at the extremities of the Peninsula. To the north, between the houses of San Giovann, located north of the burial ground. To the south, near the Torre Vecchia and the south. Over time, planty of excavation campaigns have highlighted the close similarity between the two necropolis, both in burial types and in rituals practiced.

With courtesy licence of the Superintendence and a special collaboration with the Cultural Association Sardinia Romana, the itinerary will end with a careful and documented historical re-enactment. Near the northern necropolis, all participants can attend the interment Punic ritual, that consists of a particular deposition of the deceased accompanied by his grave goods.

Discover and visit the northern and southern necropolis of Tharros.
Knowing the different burial rites practiced in the era Phoenician and then Punic.
Increasing knowledge about the excavations and the main findings.
Deepening the ritual aspects that probably took place in the burial spaces through the historical re-enactment made by the Cultural Roman Sardinia.

A) Meeting point (Visitor Center)
B) Southern Necropolis.
C) Northern Necropolis.
D) Area near the Observatory.




29 October – 04 November 2017, Nebida (Iglesias)

Four days of climbing in the South West of Sardinia, proposed by the Alpine Guides team of the Pro Up (Varese) in collaboration with B & B Pedra Rubia of Nebida.

Stage 1) 29, 30, 31 October 2017
Stage 2) 01, 02, 03, 04 November 2017

Masua – Nebida – South West Sardinia. Visit the Buggerru cliffs, Cape Sheep, Masua and Domusnovas. Also scheduled is the climb of the magnificent Pan di Zucchero.

Team meeting at the B & B Pedra Rubia Nebida, arrangement of the material and climbing the cliff Iris Castle, Masua, on the beach. Second day, headed to the cliff of Capo Pecora with its granite rock on the seashore. Third day, planned the climb “multipitches” the stack Loaf with transfer by boat Sugar. Last day, on a cliff at Domusnovas, in the afternoon back to the B & B. +393488521863



Special guided tour combined cross-country vehicle off-road as a scenic hiking route trekking to the lighthouse of Punta Scorno.

09:30 am Departure boat from Stintino, Tourist Pier Marina di Stintino.
09:50 am Arrival on the island. Cross-country vehicle accommodation.

We walk through the only cemented road that reaches the uninhabited village of Cala d’Oliva, to the north-east, on the south side of the island, the plain of Fornelli, with small stops to observe the island’s historical and natural features. to arrive in time to start our trekking towards the lighthouse.

Arrival in Cala d’Oliva. We leave the off-road and start the trekking hike towards the picturesque Faro di Punta Scorno, northern end of the island, following the Faro Path that runs across the north-eastern part of Asinara, crossing areas where the Mediterranean macchia gives us its best colors.

Lunch at the foot of the lighthouse. We head back along the northeast coast, crossing Cala d’Arena, a beautiful beach full of protection to get back to the village of Cala d’Oliva, the starting point for our trekking. The arrangement on the off-road and return to the south of the island for embarkation.

The trekking takes place on a dirt road and at rocky tracts, but well traced, with short stretches in the plane and slightly sloping trails alternating with slight downhill trails. The difficulty level is E (hiking).


Info: AsinarAvventura +39 3408610696

The Stintino area is one of the most beautiful areas of North Sardinia, with wonderful beaches and the beauty of the area where the beach La Pelosa. If you come from far and want to spend a few days to visit the town of Stintino and the Gulf of Asinara National Park, we recommend checking out our huge selection of facilities in the area or nearby, simply by booking your accommodation online.



Hike between the Supramonte of Urzulei and Orgosolo, wilderness areas covered by oak trees, gorges, nuraghi and karst caves are some of the places we visit.

08:30 am s.s. 125 at Genna Cruxi

We begin to walk in “Seddon ar Baccas” in the neighborhood of fold, the excursion will take us to visit many monuments of natural and historic interest rates millennial Nuraghi surrounded by centuries-old oak forests, the bed of the “Flumineddu”, ancient sheepfolds, “Sa splice” in which the waters of the Rio “Orbisi” meet those of “Sa Codula Manna”, the antrum of “Piscina Urtaddala” and much more.

Challenging excursion from the physical point of view and also from a technical point of view aimed at people who are used to hike. The route is suitable for dynamic people and in good physical shape, they have no physical or health problems. Necessary to have walking shoes, comfortable clothing, a waterproof jacket, hat, picnic lunch, water (1,5lt), some snacks.

Meeting points: Orosei at 07:30 (Piazza del Popolo); 08:30 SS125 Step “Genna cruxi” after the junction for Urzulei for those coming from the south way; after Silana for those arriving from the north way

Info: Jebel Sardinia +39 3383854973 +39 3441202654



The mild climate and warm hospitality, ancient traditions and landscapes varied and inimitable: is the suitable background of the Golf Courses, places to combine sporting passion and charming vacation, in an elegant atmosphere, including quality services, wellness centers, and fine cuisine.

PEVERO is the best you could possibly desire from a golf day. Gulf of Pevero, Porto Cervo, famous for the emerald coloured sea, its squares full of worldly life and its high quality services, is the most exclusive resorts located on the northern coast of Gallura, 20min drive from Olbia and just a few hours flight from the major cities of the European capitals. A unique destination in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Starting from the design and structures of Pevero Golf Club, considered one of the most beautiful fields in the world: in 1978 hosted the Italian Open. The 18 hole are spread over a natural carpet along the coast between spectacular views: the fairways that wind between the essence of the Mediterranean, the bunker that outcrop of granite rocks shaped by wind, natural pools are the water hazards of the path. From the clubhouse, designed in harmony with the natural environment, the view is unforgettable, to the Pevero beach at Cala di Volpe: the green fields are of blends with the turquoise hues of the sea, highly recommended.

PUNTALDìA, feeling on the skin the air fragrance of the sea breeze. A few steps from the beautiful and famous beaches of San Teodoro, the Puntaldia Golf Club, a sunny Gallura village of elegant villas and flowery streets overlooking the turquoise waters of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, is perfectly integrated into the colors of the landscape and for the background with the imposing profile of Tavolara island. The 9 hole Golf Course is about ten km from San Teodoro town center and 25 km from Olbia Airport and Harbor It is a heavenly garden with picturesque bays and creeks and lush greenery surrounded by palm trees. Ideal for workouts, friendly competitions or minor tournaments, it will surprise you with its technical difficulties on an 1800 mt link. Driving Range and Putting Green are available to complete golfing experience.

IS ARENAS is a corner of paradise ideal for Golf.
A sinuous and undulating ‘draping’ green. The 18 hole Golf Course of Is Arenas Golf & Country Club, in the center of the west coast of Sardinia, a few steps away from the beauty of Sinai Peninsula and 20 km from Oristano, extends over 9 km along aplenty sandy dunes and by the pines and junipers. It is an elegant play golf, with a well-groomed forest of 800 hectares. You will enjoy absolute tranquility, an inspiration for strategy and shots to be made, walking on the Golf Course will enjoy an all-encompassing, including intense fragrances, bright colors and the silence broken only by chirping and waves crashing.

IS MOLAS is the widest Golf Course in Sardinia, one of the best in Italy.
In the Mediterranean, it is known as one of the most challenging fields in technical and spectacular for the scenario in which it is embedded, home to prestigious competitions, four Italian Open and European Masters. The Is Molas Golf Club in Santa Margherita di Pula is a beautiful garden overlooking the sea, which is just minutes from beautiful beaches and the center of Pula and about 30 km from Cagliari, the Sardinian capital. It is the largest island Golf Course: among palm trees, scrubland and meadows have a total of 27 holes. 9 of the Yellow Course are the most challenging. Green and bunkers are American-Style, while the fairways are wide, ideal for infusing Slice effects.

THE TANCA is a jewel embedded in the spectacle of the coast of Villasimius. Awarded in 2007 by the magazine The World of Golf as the best new Golf Course in Italy is located next to the beaches and coves of the protected area of Capo Carbonara. The 18 hole Golf Course Tanka Golf Club in Villasimius, a tourist pearl of the south-east of the island (at 45min drive from Cagliari), occupies an area of 40 hectares and is 5 km long and a half, added into a breathtaking environment where the scent of salt air that comes from Villasimius beach is mixed with Mediterranean herbs. A course of rare beauty and technically challenging: the first 9 hole require a good variety of shots, the latter being flatter and allow a little ‘breathing. A superb lighting system allows you to compete even at night time.

Presented the YCCS Calendar 2015

On February 27th in Milan was presented the calendar of 2015 sailing season of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

The regattas will start in the winter headquarters of the YCCS, the British Virgin Islands, where between March 3rd and April 18th will be held the second edition of the Rolex Swan Cup Carribean, the fifth edition of the Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous and the Oyster Cup BVI.

2015-yccs-calendarFrom May 22nd to 24th, the traditional appointment with the Golf and Sailing Trophy will open the events in Porto Cervo, followed by the Europe Smeralda 888 Cup, which will be held on June 26th to 28th and the YCCS Social Championship, scheduled on August 9th.

To be considered almost as a calendar of its own, the one established for the superyachts competitions.

Inaugurated by the fifth edition of the Dubois Cup, from May 28th to 30th, and the prestigious Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta, from June 2nd to 6th, will restart after the summer break with the sixth edition of the Perini Navi Cup, from September 2nd to 5th.

Conclusion in style will be a competition that always ranks among the most spectacular: the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship.

It is expected that, as every year, the giants of the sea will attract a large audience of fans and not only. In addition to sailors, ship owners and members of the various staffs, Porto Cervo is preparing to welcome all those who will decide to attend to the races with a series of events, thanks to which it will be possible to appreciate the diamond point of the Costa Smeralda in all its renowned splendor.

2 to 7 March 2015: Flights suspended in Olbia

From Monday 02nd March to Saturday 7th March 2015 included, all flights at the Airport Olbia Costa Smeralda will be suspended.

olbia-costa-smeralda-airportThe official announcement comes from Geasar, the company that manages the airport of Olbia. The latter, in collaboration with ENAC, National Civil Aviation Authority, has planned for the week at issue some works of requalification of the flight runway.

At the moment the airport of Alghero is the leading candidate where will be redirected passengers who, for various reasons, will not be able to get along without leaving from/to Sardinia during the renovation period. Geasar and ENAC are also discussing with some local transport companies the opportunity to establish a bus service with fee between the airports of Olbia and Alghero. This alternative solution will be valid also for all those who were already in possession of a ticket for the days involved by the suspension of flights in Olbia, who should consult the Customer Assistance Office of their own flight agency as soon as possible.

During the works, Geasar organized a series of technology, sports, culture, food and wine events that will be open to all and free. Fairport, this is the name of the event, will begin on Thursday, March 5th  at 17:00 and will end on Saturday, March 7th at 21:00. For visitors will be available free parking and baby parking, also free, with inflatable games and entertainers ready to take care of your children and play with them.
Download here the complete program.


All updates will be posted on the website:

Anyone who needs to book a flight from/to Sardinia in the days between March 02nd and 7th 2015 is kindly invited to visit the website:

The Information Office of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is available for further information and/or clarification at the following contacts:
Tel. +39 0789 563444

Windsurf Grand Slam 2015

The days are already lengthening, and despite winter temperatures, the sun high in the sky tickles the desire of summer.

windsurf-grand-slam-2015Here then that Santa Teresa di Gallura is already organizing to offer one of the most spectacular manifestations that will enliven the summer 2015 in Sardinia: the Windsurfing Grand Slam, which for the third time in Italy will take place at the same time of the National Championships AICW (Italian Association Windsurfing Classes).

The latter foresee competitions of four disciplines: Freestyle, Slalom, Formula and Raceboard, one more spectacular than the other. The main attraction, however, will be the Windsurfing Grand Slam, the most important long-distance contest in the history of Italian windsurfing.

Hosted by the fantastic natural setting of the beach of Coluccia Porto Liscia, favorite destination for all windsurfing lovers, the competitions will also be a perfect opportunity for companies of the sector. Here in fact they will be able to promote their brand with a selected clientele, also participating in the national-campionship-aicw-2015organization of the rich calendar of events tailored to broaden and enrich the experience of the sportsmen, and to invite those who are still stranger to this world to approach it and to know it better.

Current predictions talk about at least 400 members for 2015 edition, but the event participants will certainly be a lot more, because of helpers, supporters, fans and also curious spectators. Santa Teresa is then getting ready to be the most popular Sardinian location of summer 2015. Do not miss it!