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In Sardina gastronomic panorama have just arrived two delicious delicacies for the enthusiasts of 5 stars cuisine: Oysters with local Spumante and Oysters with Vermentino. The local wine is ready to take the aristocratic Champagne place and “Made in Sardinia” oysters the well-known ones from Cancale, Bretagne.

New cluster project in the agribusiness sector for research and innovation activities of dairy, wine-producing and fishing products are borning and are promoting many bids for €1.500.000 . In fact, the agribusiness sector is the priority area of specialization of Sardinia S3 strategy (Smart Specialisation Strategy) which aims to ease innovation projects thanks to the collaboration between the company, University and research center.

For the fishing area is planned a meeting about oyster production chain, where the participants will talk about habitat characterization, seamen production techniques, settlement, and development, product sale. This innovative project will start with experiments of breeding and reproductive techniques of oysters “diploidS” and “triploids”. These experiments will be monitored by the realization of a guideline, growth tests, survival chances, and habitat records.

There will be the possibility to start with the participants an oyster production chain based on the experiments results and Marinas different characteristics.

The economic prospect is really tempting. Just one breeding can produce, after 18, a gross income of €32.000 for an investment of €25.000 and it could be built in a short time with the regular concession.

Sardinia, with its many others specialties, must have its own oysters. This is a reality in the expansion: the Sardinian oysters are already very appreciated in the international cuisine world.

The Italian oyster actually rivals with the French one for taste and consistency. The national oysters are perfect also for their dimension: we are talking about a “4 Season” product, to enjoy all year long.

The Sardinian sea, well-known for its beauty and amazing colors, offers more than this: also under the business profile, more and more businessmen look with interest at our isle, with special attention to eco-sustainability. In the latest years, we have verified that the new-born realities have gained international recognition, in the testimony of the isle ideal habitat.

Magical land with endless resources, Sardinia is still a place where everything is possible.


The Power of The Ancient Stones

Sardinia has hosted one of the most spiritually evolving megalithic civilizations on the planet.

The nuragic stones as Dolmen, Menhir, Domus de Janas, Tombs of the Giants and the Sacred Wells, emanate a magnetic force through streams transmitted by the slits of the granite, which influence the body and mind triggering a mechanism of purification and regeneration.

We’re talking about thousands of memorials, made in the period between Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic (6000 BC – 1800 B.C.) many of which are still observable, enclosed in the veil of mystery and enigma that is an integrant part of the island and its inhabitants.

It seems still amazing to consider how the disposition of these monuments was not left to chance, but each of them was in line with at least two others, and even being able to assume that the entire area was once affected by linked and orderly alignments, comparable to a primitive land-use planning system.

Many civilizations have entrusted their data to the stone. The ancients built temples and megalithic structures in particular places, to use the accumulation of energy produced by their natural vortexes. The builders, used the natural geomancy, and energy flows of a place to record the totality of their knowledge on each stone of the building.

Theories about the function of Nuraghes are the most disparate and still subject of heated debate: one of the most credited hypotheses assimilates them to worship buildings as well as territorial control, while another thesis, equally compelling, imagine the orientation of access or of the tangents to the peripheral towers, according to astronomical criteria related in particular to the solstice and equinoctial lines.

Each of these places has a special feature. The stones are placed in a specific configuration, that uses light as a key to activate stellar energies on Earth, making possible an exchange of information through a connection between human beings-Earth-Star.

Sacred sites can be activated by individuals using their own conscience keys to open them, reminding knowledge that it has been preserved and celebrated. To enable these sacred sites is enough to imagine their Chakra energy as doors that open personal remembrance.

Worshipers of the Sacred Stones arrive in Gallura from all over Italy, ready to capture the rain of particles given off by healing Megaliths.
They line up to sit and absorb the positive energy emitted by the “magic stones”. A mystical somewhere between New Age and Stonehenge. Some cure would be made of infrasound melody. For example performing Tomba dei Giganti Li Mizzani called Tomb of Energy, located between Arzachena and Palau is a perfect musical instrument that vibrates, emitting a wave frequency of around 430 Hz. A balm for body cells.

Granite is piezoelectric, it transfers energy, and is made of silicon dioxide; for these properties, the Tombe dei Giganti is like a particle accelerator. It has a natural magneto effect. The beneficial result is not the result of suggestion, but a natural nuclear medicine that cures the cell. The particles crumble any source of pain.

Basalt, which was first used for the construction of important monuments such as Sacred Wells, today it is used hot to fulfill one of the most popular massages in the Spa and Wellness Centers called Hot Stone Massage, to help general relaxation, loosening joint tensions and benefiting muscle stiffness.

The Nuragic stones, granite monoliths of Sardinia are part of the cultural, historical and archaeological that is intertwined with the concept of well-being, quality of life, spirituality, and mysticism that has always characterized the Island.


Successful  Real Estate  Investments

In an economic landscape where the home is still considered the safest asset and has become the focus of life projects of Italians and foreigners, the choice of investing in Sardinia responds perfectly to the innate desires of: quality of life , well-being, nature, freedom.

The Gallura-Costa Smeralda are the heart of the Mediterranean : a living environment “energy”, in perfect balance between beauty, style and wellbeing.

Immobilsarda has been promoting buyers for more than 40 years in quality of life . We always accompany our clients to discover the perfect places and homes in Gallura – Costa Smeralda: real rare goods.

The value of these properties is measured taking into account their inclusion in an extraordinary context such as Gallura, where natural balance is preserved and valorised. The presence of immovable properties in the surrounding natural scenery, in an environment dominated by crystal clear sea, promotes the rediscovery of the value of time and contact with nature.

Among the most sought-after areas are: Romazzino , Piccolo , Pevero Golf , Celvia , Cala di Volpe and at the gateway to the Costa Smeralda: Porto Rotondo , Porto Rafael , Palau , Capo Ceraso , withPortobello di Gallura to the north.


The ImmobilSarda advertising campaign is planned annually on both national and international newspapers, financials, economics, general headlines and industry magazines, websites, and specialized channels that guarantee the company and the wide range of solutions offered.


In addition to the acquisition phase of the property, promotion and support of the sale Immobilsarda also deals with “Property Management”.

Thanks to its forty years of experience and the ground-breaking presence, our company boasts knowledge and collaboration with the best professionals and is able to provide after sales service and support to the efficient and quality customer.

To entrust management to Immobilsarda means no longer having to deal with the bureaucratic aspects and how to maximize profitability, so that you can enjoy your property.

Thanks to a team of lawyers, accountants, professional technicians we can guarantee the negotiation / renewal of lease contracts, careful management and resolution of all the problems that may arise in relation to your home.

Any urban issues, the definition of the fees due, the renting with seasonal rent will be our priority by keeping the customer from all organizational and management burdens and ensuring fast resolution of all maintenance issues and more generally everything what concerns the efficiency in economic and performance terms of every single property.

ImmobilSarda is the ideal partner for those who are looking for a sensory and emotional experience in one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in the Mediterranean that still has an amazing nature and an ancient and fascinating culture.

Nuragic Sardinia arrives in Milan

Sardinia keeps confirming itself among the great Italian protagonists of Expo 2015.

isle-towers-sardinia-milanOn this occasion, in fact, from May 6th to November 29th, the Civic Museum of Milan will host the exhibition “The Island of the towers, treasures of Nuragic Sardinia”.

Born to celebrate the figure of the tireless Sardinian archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu, the exhibition presents the main findings of the last two decades, thanks to which it was possible to redesign the history of the Nuragic civilization. More than a thousand exhibits, including many unprecedented or recently acquired, from all over Sardinia, as representatives of the many archaeological sites located throughout the island.

nuraghi-sardiniaAt the same time at Palazzo Litta, in front of the Civic Museum, will also take place an exhibition of photographs dating back to the ’80s, carried out by Gianni Berengo Gardin. The shots of Berengo Gardin was given, in 1985, the task of documenting the first stay of the Sardinian nuraghi in Milan.

30 years after that first meeting between the megaliths of Sardinia and the City of Milan, visitors are offered a new unmissable chance to immerse themselves in the surreal and magical atmosphere of these stone giants, mysterious and silent witnesses of an era that has deeply marked the history of the island and its role in the Mediterranean.

An interesting opportunity to witness the fascinating new meeting between two histories and two cultures that, while belonging to the same country, turn out to be profoundly different from each other.

The Sabores Pizzeria reopens the doors

Tomorrow, June 20th the Pizzeria Restaurant Sabores reopens the doors.
A unique opportunity to savor the fragrance of a pizza cooked in a wood oven, on the beautiful terrace of the Sabores, contemplating the sunset over the Gulf.

Tomorrow night during the match Italia-Costa Rica you can cheer and then enjoy the excellent pizza of the Sabores, having fun, joking with friends and celebrating our champions!

IMG_0466Like the restaurant, the pizzeria also uses seasonal produce with an eye for quality and customer demands.
The menu offers a wide variety of pizzas with fresh ingredients. The proposals of the Sabores are distinguished by the quality of the used products, the skill with which they are combined, and the use of “wood stove” which gives a unique taste.

But the real highlight of the Sabores is the stunning panoramic views, which you can enjoy from the terrace and that ranges from Olbia to Tavolara Island. A highly suggestive location, where everyone can find its size.

The staff of the Sabores is waiting for the opening number of the pizzeria and to celebrate the National Team!