Enjoy your life in Sardinia

Golden beaches, crystal clear sea, hidden and protected coves, unspoiled landscapes and endless horizons: this is Sardinia, Gallura, a place where the life taste reveals itself in an authentic set of emotions, thoughts and images that awake the senses and the mind.

A Sturm und Drang of the soul, that makes you feel an all one with the creation.
Here you can still retrieve the intimate, natural and privileged relationship with Mother Nature, a perturbing, strong nature that enchants with its silences, sunsets and sunrises, walks by the sea, and infinite spaces.
Gallura has always transmitted energy and vitality and at the same time a out of the ordinary placidity so that many people feel attracted by this lure of Mother Earth. That’s why since the ’60s, Gallura – Costa Smeralda has been chosen by artists, painters, writers and free thinkers as “safe haven” and meeting place for reflection and creative inspiration.
Today this place is still an attractive destination for those who want to feel fulfilled, look for a better quality of life, and pursue a more authentic way of life, in line with the new requirements and existential models based on values such as family, quality time, inner life, introspection and reflection.

The search for a better quality of life is palpable even in growing demand, and therefore supply, of rural tourism based on the values and uniqueness offered by the rural Sardinia, in terms of accommodation, food and wine, crafts, history and nature.
According also to the spread of philosophies such as “lateral living” (search for models of alternative life more fulfilling and ethical), most authentic new lifestyles and rhythms of life, which follow the biological rhythms of the body, holistic approaches, consciousness and ecological responsibility.

Arcipelago de La Maddalena

Sardinia is like freedom itself … enchanting space around an individual and distances to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive ... (DH Lawrence – Sea and Sardinia – 1921)