Excursion to Punta Scorno Lighthouse

Asinara Isle

Special Guided Tour Combined Cross-Country Vehicle Off-Road as a Scenic Hiking Route Trekking to

Punta Scorno Lighthouse




09:30 am Departure boat from Stintino, Tourist Pier Marina di Stintino.
09:50 am Arrival on the island. Cross-country vehicle accommodation.


We walk through the only cemented road that reaches the uninhabited village of Cala d’Oliva, to the north-east, on the south side of the island, the plain of Fornelli, with small stops to observe the island’s historical and natural features. to arrive in time to start our trekking towards the lighthouse.


Arrival in Cala d’Oliva. We leave the off-road and start the trekking hike towards the picturesque Faro di Punta Scorno, northern end of the island, following the Faro Path that runs across the north-eastern part of Asinara, crossing areas where the Mediterranean macchia gives us its best colors.


Lunch at the foot of the lighthouse. We head back along the northeast coast, crossing Cala d’Arena, a beautiful beach full of protection to get back to the village of Cala d’Oliva, the starting point for our trekking. The arrangement on the off-road and return to the south of the island for embarkation.


The trekking takes place on a dirt road and at rocky tracts, but well traced, with short stretches in the plane and slightly sloping trails alternating with slight downhill trails. The difficulty level is E (hiking).


7:00 pm Return


Excursion Booking Expiry: 27 October

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