Gallura, The Door of Dreams


450 Kilomiters of Coast

Some places are invaluable masterpieces. In a world that has made it possible to break the boundaries, there are still places that allow you to find yourself again. Where the distance between man and nature shortens, there is still room to lose.


A Landscape that Can Catch You by Surprise

From the archipelago of Maddalena to the island of Tavolara, Gallura is a theater whose curtain rises on the jagged succession of vivid colors, contrasts of light, natural sculptures. The rock honed by wind and the sea leaves room for an interior made of woods, oaks, and cork, of peace and majesty.

An Island on The Island

There are places we just love for their beauty, others because they answer our questions because they own something that belongs to us. In the middle of the Mediterranean, to the north of an unspoiled island, there is a charming place that meets the need for peace and, at the same time, vitality.


Gallura, Everything You are Looking For, now has a Name

There is a place where nature is subtracted from every description. A place where the mistral wind shaped the landscape as clay, where dream and nature meet to make something unreal. A land that gives you much more than you are asking.


A Story Written in Every Detail

A space with meaning, character, identity. A place where you feel at home. Gallura is full of ports and villages that overlook the coast: ready to welcome those who arrive.


Gallura: a story to listen to

A heritage like Gallura is made of the air that breathes, of the blood flowing in the veins of those who live in it, in the interlacing of voices, of knowledge, of memory. A cultural heritage created and cultivated by the inhabitants, the link that connects this land to those who live it.