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The Island of Longevity in the Center of the Mediterranean


The Territorial Marketing program INSULA P.T.E. Sardinia Enterprise aims to create a platform for the development of the productive sectors and the sponsorship of Sardinia territories.


The target is to build a sustainable economic and social model for Sardinia. We talk about a container for training experiences, start-ups, innovation, which collects and tells the values of Sardinia through its economic sectors: the agri-food, boating, design, ancient crafts, and artisanship.


To the implementation of the program, subsidized by the Sardinia Region, have joined the University of Sassari, the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari, Confindustria North Sardinia, Cia, Coldiretti Gallura, Confagricoltura of Sassari Olbia-Tempio, Confapi Sardinia Gallura, Confartigianato Gallura, Confcommercio Olbia, Agci Gallura, Federalberghi Sardinia, Consorzio shellfish farmers of Olbia, FabLab Olbia and Navigo Sardegna.


The Insula Project

The Insula project is intended to turn the European Technology Platform Boat Show in a large container of Traditions and Values to all companies service.


The plan concept is based on creating a platform of integrated services for the development, innovation, aggregation and the internalization of regional production spinnerets. A connecting bridge to fulfill the qualified offer of the production system Sardo and national and international markets demand.


Sardinia is a leader in many productive sectors and intends to make this record a success abroad. The quality of the dairy production, fish production, wine, fruit and vegetables, sheep meat, beef, pork, as to that of olive oil, wheat, and fish it is a wealth that is handed down from centuries of experience in the processing.


The Territorial Marketing (with over 10 thematic areas), the productive districts and their processing laboratories, the Isole del Gusto and also an external Promotional Network are part of Insula.


The strategic action will be developed within an infrastructure, equipped with small production units, promo-permanent exhibition areas. Le Isole del Gusto will arise in Olbia-Golfo Aranci coastal road, in the Gulf of Olbia, in an area of about 10,000 square meters. made available to Cipnes.


The territorial marketing platform will be animated thru planning and be organized a wealthy program of promotional and thematic exhibitions, which will have that frame, striking sensorial pathways, including the workshops of master craftsmen, production cellars of traditional Sardinian food and thematic corners gastronomic specialties.


Sardinia Village Tour

The Insula Sardinia Village Tour themed events program includes four Festivals for each season of the year.


It will start with the Sardinia World Festival in the spring with the Festival of Wheat dedicated to the grains of Sardinia with exposure of bread and desserts. Following the Sea Festival dedicated to the fishing industry and aquaculture.


In summer it will be the time of the master craftsmen of Sardinia of Arts and Crafts Festival, the food and wine Cheese & Wine Festival and to follow Icescream Mania with homemade ice cream products strictly made with local milk and fruit.


In autumn, the protagonists will be the Sardinian Master Brewers with their excellent craft beers brewed with barley and hops of Sardinia.

Finally, the Winter Festival dedicated to Salumieri Masters and liqueurs and sparkling wines of Sardinia with the exhibition From Christmas to New Year’s Eve.


Olbia, Porto Cervo, Cagliari, and Pula will host events for each of its thematic areas.

(Food and wine) Isola dei Sapori (crafts and design) Fashion Sardinia, (wellness and medicinal plants) The island of Biodiversity, (food and slow food) and Insula Gourmet (painting, sculpture, photography) Sardinia Art and Territories.


Insula is aimed at making known the Sardinia in the international market through the products of excellence that tell the land of the quality of life, good food, unspoiled environment of the coasts and various rural areas of the region.


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