Islands that speak – 2014

It is in full swing the XVIII edition of the festival “Isole che parlano” (“Islands that speak”).

Born in 1996 from a collaboration between Paolo and Nanni Angeli with the Association Sarditudine, over the years the festival isole-parlano-2014has become an unmissable event for those who love music, photography, art in the broadest sense of the word, and want to make it known and appreciated for children.

In addition to the traditional Sardinian music, in ten days of concerts there will be the opportunity to attend performances by artists from Norway, Tunisia, Hungary, Catalonia, Russia and Corsica, which will transport the audience into the magical atmosphere of their native countries.

Within the festival, organized with the collaboration of Association Ogros, also finds space the exhibition “Fotografia Totale” (“Total Photography”) by Romano Cagnoni, which will be open to the public until September 30th. During the exhibition it will be possible to meet the photographer for a confrontation with him about his work and his craft.

Extremely rich is the calendar of workshops and activities for the little ones. From the construction of handmade kites to the realization of audiovisual material, from the construction of poetic art lessons to the awards ceremony of the contest organized by UNESCO for the Week of Education for Sustainable Development.

benedicte-mauserthOn Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of September is planned the grand finale. Saturday, after a day of concerts, cocktails and meetings with the artists, the beautiful beach of Palau Vecchio will be the frame of the “Saluto al mare” (“Greeting to the Sea”), an original way to give appointment to the 2015 edition. Sunday, instead, will take place the official closure of “Isole che parlano 2014” with a magnificent concert open to all on the enchanting island of Spargi.

An event not to be missed for lovers of art and culture, but also for those who want to discover a little known aspect of the island and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that Sardinia has to offer as unusual far as magnificent stages.