Porto Rotondo Festival 2015

After celebrating its 50th anniversary, this year Porto Rotondo Festival prepares to pay homage to the 20 years of activity of the Theatre “Mario Ceroli”.

porto-rotondo-festival-2015The 2015 edition will be opened by sport, with “Estiva Cup”, organized by the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo and scheduled for May 30th and 31st. The calendar of sailing competitions will then continue until October, but the actual inauguration of the festival will take place on July 8th, right at the Theatre “Ceroli”. For the occasion are planned performances by Rossana Casale and Maurizio Di Fulvio Trio. Fine songwriter and performer the former, eclectic guitarist the latter, they will surely give life to a truly unforgettable night of live music.

In the following weeks on the stage of “Ceroli” will alternate a number of remarkable artists, from the folkloristic representative of local musical tradition to big names of Italian music, who will range between various genres, from pop to classical, from jazz to flamenco.

In addition to exciting challenges on the water surface and magical melodies to make even more impressive the summer nights of Porto Rotondo, the Festival will certainly give pleasant emotions to the lovers of the theatre-ceroli-porto-rotondobig screen, too, with a rich Cinema Programme, to which you can attend in the beautiful arena of “Mario Ceroli”, under the enchanting mild Sardinian starry night. As every year, there will also be appointments dedicated to children, with events, games, animation and projections tailored for the little ones.

The Porto Rotondo Festival is getting ready to be, once again, one of the most exciting events of the 2015 season, with its inexhaustible repertoire of amazing performances and memorable moments.