Santa Teresa on the wind!

Double victory for Santa Teresa, stunning location in Gallura, which this year will entrust to the tireless Sardinian winds both the Blue Flag of the FEE and the Green Flag awarded by Italian pediatricians.

santa-teresa-bandiera-verde-2015Sardinia is certainly not new to the Blue Flags, which in 2015 were 7, awarded each year by the FEE, the Federation for Environmental Education. Recognition born in 1987, European Year of the Environment, that’s an annual assessment of seaside resorts of 48 countries. Prince criterion, which entitles the candidacy, is the quality of water, followed by other important parameters such as waste water treatment, waste management, regulation of traffic, security and services on the beach.

Just starting from the list of beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, the Milanese psychiatrist Italo Farnetani has created the Green Flags, an initiative that aims to highlight the places that are distinguished by a number of characteristics that make them particularly suitable for children.

santa-teresa-bandiera-blu-2015The formula is simple: clear and low water near the shore, so that children can dive safely, clean sand to build castles, preferably with a little space between the umbrellas so that they can do it without straying too far from their parents, lifeguards security and possibly beach games for children, with ice cream parlours, pizzerias, lounge bars in the surroundings.

Very few ingredients for a winning recipe, guarantee of serenity and relaxation for adults, and of carefree and safe fun for children. 2015 has therefore awarded Santa Teresa di Gallura, which for the current season will adorn itself with both flags, mute spokespersons for quality and excellence of the Sardinian town.

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