Sardinia in the Heart

A Journey that begins with a Show

It doesn’t look as anywhere else: ancient, sour and, at the same time, hospitable. Wealthy in silence, with colors. Solar, genuine: a unique place in the world.

Sardinia introduces itself as a first glance of the visitor with a view to its natural contrasts and the unchanged landscape. Almost a continent, formed more than 4000 years ago.

In a land that has been able to preserve the ancient traditions of a mysterious and still reigns wild and unspoiled nature. In Sardinia, time, months, even seasons are singularly and unexpectedly marked. The rhythms of nature flow smoothly, with no rush

A special island, where human presence is rare and respectful, and life reveals itself in all its energy. A place that gives balance and warmth to those who choose it.

Imagine filling your eyes with enchantment and breathing in the beauty: there you are in Sardinia.


Centrality And Uniqueness

Sardinia is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: its barycentric position is equidistant from the main European states, easily accessible from any place and by any means.

In this context, Giancarlo Bracco has found a place in which to create a dream: to enhance the Gallura-Costa Smeralda, showing it to guests as the perfect mix of wellbeing and worldliness, as an amazing natural environmental preserved by steady care

In 40 years of real estate activity, Immobilsarda has married the choices of an administration that enhances the beauty of this land, contributing to the creation of an unequaled tourist scenario in the Mediterranean.


Peerless Lifestyle

The Gallura-Costa Smeralda offers a unique and unparalleled lifestyle.

Living in this corner of the world means returning the right value to pleasure, rejoicing the authenticity and the local flavors, the gastronomic specialties and the cultural traditions , but also to interpreting the luxury of fun in a new way : Gallura-Costa Smeralda is a place that offers an unmatched quality of life, a place to regenerate and regain energy. Because the pursuit of happiness also ranges from leisure to well-being.

Here you can experience the emotion of a privileged contact with nature through golf, excursions, sailing and other exclusive and outdoor sports.

Sardinia gives people the choice to enjoy life with a free spirit.