Sardinia wins over Expo 2015

Not even a month after the inauguration ceremony and Sardinia has already won over many visitors of Expo 2015.

sardinia-wins-over-expo-2015Globally renowned for cheeses, wines and pastries, Sardinia amazes guests of its pavilions with two products that are less known, but equally valuable: bread and pasta.
Video clips that illustrate the manufacturing processes of traditional breads and pastries typical of the island run on giant screens installed in the spaces of Cibus, Eataly, Federalimentare and famous names of Italian excellences.

For those who still do not know them, it will be a pleasure to discover firsthand textures, flavors and fragrances of these tasty Sardinian wonders. The choice is varied, starting from breads: modizzosus, carasau, civraxiu, pintau breads, bread of the newlyweds. It continues with fresh pasta, which offers an equally wide variety: malloreddus filindeu, lorighittas, fregola.

sardinia-expo-2015Dozens of recipes will also be described in detail in the islander corners present at the Universal Exhibition, allowing visitors to take advantage of this opportunity, which can not be defined otherwise than “greedy”.

Sardinia is also at the Pavilion of Biodiversity, at Palazzo Itala, where it was staged a green area in which 21 essences represent the regional specificities and peculiarities. Aa a symbol of the island has been elected the cork, material of vegetable origin, appreciated in different fields of production, especially for its versatility and for its insulating ability.