Sardinian Carnival 2018


Secrets and Symbol of Sardinian Carnival masks


Sardinia Carnival has many faces, but it means above all a mystery, fear, the sound of cowbells, roads raid by the Sardinian Masks, each with a particular meaning and history.


The carnival atmosphere in Sardinia, especially in countries Barbagia is different from the joyful and festive atmosphere that felt elsewhere: This is because the Sardinian Carnival resumes ancient pagan rituals, where men and animals are the protagonists.


That’s why sardines masks are so dark and inspire fear; because they celebrate the ritual of the cattle breeding by the shepherd, and the steady contend between man and nature. The sheepskins as worn as dresses, wooden masks upon the face, the handkerchief around the head, the heavy cowbells tied on the back, that sounds rhythmically, and soot on his face when it is exposed, Carnival in Sardinia is dark coloured and then it explodes into liberators and goliardic rites that celebrate the irony of human being.


We look forward to the arrival of Boes and Merdules in Ottana, Thurpos in Orotelli, and Mamuthones in Mamoiada.


Sardinian Carnival calendar 2018