Sport, Sailing the Gulf

Start from Stintino the Vele nel Golfo great festival of the sea, the event is divided into five stages A stop to Bonifacio and conclusion at the end of March.


Sailing the Gulf 2017-2018 was born for all sailing enthusiasts who want to experience the sea and sailing too far from the canonical summer.


Sailing the Gulf is certainly an agonistic event, and at the end of each stage a ranking will be made it also has a value of invitation to cruise and to discover the area. They will be organized on the sidelines of the different stages, of local events promoting events. Another aspect that the organizers give importance is to spread the passion for boating and sailing.


Competitive boats, therefore, offer the opportunity, absolutely uncharge, even to people who are not experienced, and to young people, in particular, to participate in sea trials.


December Saturday the 3th, Stintino


Then start this Saturday at Stintino. There will then, in order, the steps of Castelsardo, Isola Rossa, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Bonifacio, with the conclusion scheduled for March 25. Sailing the Gulf is supported by the towns of Bonifacio, Castelsardo, Isola Rossa, La Maddalena, Stintino, Sorso and, by the common high Gallura, from the Assonautics and the Chamber of Commerce of North Sardinia.


Primary is the support of the Harbor Master’s Office.

Sailing the Gulf