Sports in Sardinia – Windsurf

The Isle of Surfers

In the emerald sea of Sardinia, there is always the wind on the stern for sailing fans, kites and windsurfers.


Not only for sailors. When the wind blowing the Mediterranean blows on the west coast, the fascinating coastlines become a must for surfboard lovers, with fast waves and pipes that can reach up to four meters high at Cape Mannu, at the northern end of the Sinis Peninsula.

From Buggerru to Funtanamare the west coast is the paradise of the most experienced surfers who do not fear the impetuosity of the sea and the rocky backdrops.


With its almost two thousand kilometers of coastline, exposed to every wind, Sardinia is a beautiful open-air gym. For those who want to deal with it in greater pleasure, relax on long rides expired south waves. From Poetto of Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena to Chia. And continuing down to the beaches of Teulada and Porto Pino. All scenarios several times a year they become the playground of the local longboarder, on the southern coast also offers numerous spots for kiters and windsurfers.


To the north, on the western side, Porto Ferro, the extreme point of the Coral Riviera. At the center of Santa Teresa Gallura, in particular, Capo Testa and Rena Majore. On the eastern side Porto Pollo. These are the most well-equipped areas, safe and famous for the steady wind and the protection provided by the respective bays, which allow you to practice kite and windsurfing. Always at most and during almost the whole year.


In the Golfo dell’ Asinara, are no less Costa Paradiso, the long beach of Platamona and, most of all, Stintino, where the modern passion for windsurfing follows the atavistic for the characteristic Latin sail, a millenary tradition, revised and re-lived by fishermen and skilled craftsman of the small village on the sea.


Porto Pollo

In the heart of the north coast of the island, there is a homeland of windsurfing enthusiasts, a suggestive beach with dazzling shades, clear sea, always caressed by the wind.


An inlet water turquoise and the fine white sand, completely surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs. Halfway between Palau and Santa Teresa di Gallura, near the mouth of Liscia, Porto Pollo (in native dialect Portu Puddu) connects the mainland with the beautiful seagull island (or Isuledda) with a subtle sandy oasis.


The two beaches, Istmo and the second is called Arenaria, with fancy dunes surrounded by lavender flowers, lentiscus and juniper trees and a natural gym for water sports. The resort is constantly beaten by the wind, sometimes strong, so it is a particularly desirable destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.


On one side or the other side of the bay, there are, alternatively, ideal conditions for surfing or flat sea. For those who have the windsurfing soul, wind in the hair, surfing on the waves will be a steady pleasure of the holiday. Also in the nearby resort of Barrabisa. While for the less sporty or for those looking for relaxing, here are the relaxing days and poetic sunsets, sheltered from the winds.


The bay is popular. It has a large parking lot, also suitable for campervans, and accessible to the disabled. The shallow water is suitable for children to play. You can rent sun umbrellas and sailing boats. There is also a windsurfing and sailing school, bars, restaurants, hotels and campgrounds immersed in rocky coves surrounded by typical Mediterranean colors and scents. It is worth exploring all the 18 hectares of the naturalistic paradise of the Isola dei Gabbiani, and nearby, and visit the Palau treasures: the indomitable beauty of Punta Sardegna, the exotic features of Cala Trana, the splendid Porto Faro and the natural monument of the Roccia dell’Orso where the breathtaking view opens of the Maddalena Islands.

In these beautiful places, try a feeling of complete immersion in nature in the most loved and frequented by surfers from around the world, where you can have fun with the wind and waves all year round.