Tasty Sardinia, tempting Irresistible Flavours – Seadas with Strawberry Tree honey


Top Best Sardinian Recipes

Booked your holiday to Sardinia this summer or strongly considering to visit the island? These tasty authentic dishes will get you extra excited.

Foodies will rejoice in the culinary opportunities presented by a holiday to Sardinia, with everything from classic Italian recipes to traditional farming recipes, ready to adorn your dinner plate during your trip.

Each and every city, town, and hamlet will have their own take on some of the island’s classic dishes, but at their core, they showcase the same ingredients and principles, and never fail to present a truly memorable and rewarding flavor of Sardinia.

To help set you up for your adventure into the world of food in Sardinia, we’ve put together a small selection of dishes you need to try during your Sardinian holiday.

A traditional Sardinian pastry still found served all over Sardinia. It used to be served as part of the main meal on the farm but is now served as dessert. The pastry is stuffed with fresh pecorino cheese. Delicious with your favorite honey, but in Sardinia, to try with Sardinian honey, with the strawberry tree, chestnut, cardoon (cardo), or orange blossom honey.

Tempted by these irresistible flavors of Sardinia? Make your Sardinia holiday extra special by adding a dose of luxury to your trip.