The Nature Art Gallery 2018 – Milan


Immobilsarda 2018 brilliant begin with exclusive Nature Art Gallery


The Nature Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, conceived by Giancarlo Bracco, Immobilsarda founder, the Arch. Julio Cesar Ayllon and Dr. Sabrina La Leggia.


Since the massive success of the art exhibition Arte in Porto in Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo which took place last summer, the synergy of the same creators wanted to bring the pleasure of art among the people even in the heart of Milan.


In fact, last December the 14th was inaugurated at Christmas Expo – The Glittering Branches of the Christmas Tree at the showroom set up in Via Visconti di Mondroni 29, in ImmobilSarda offices.


Open from Monday to Friday, until the end of January 2018, it hosts the works of artists in painting, sculpture, and photography; Eliane Aerts, Pablo Compagnucci, Fabio Di Pietrantonio, Claus Joans, Antonio La Rosa, Alessandro Lobino, Adolfo Maciocco, Chelita Rojas, Nicola Rota and Roberto Tadini.


The underlying theme remains the dialogue between man and the environment. A relationship that over the centuries has always been difficult but that we want to brace and promote with optimism.


This is to Immobilsarda is a topic of great value that aims to create greater awareness of environmental sustainability through art.


The Nature Art Gallery; Art, Culture and Real Estate.

Arte in Porto 2017 – Porto Rotondo – Porto Cervo

Event foto courtesy © Massimo Golfieri