The Philosophy of Living

Sustainable Investment in a Natural Background


There is an island in the Mediterranean that welcomes visitors with crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature: it is called Sardinia. There is a northern region that evokes beauty and a unique environmental setting: the Costa Smeralda, the most exclusive area of Gallura. A corner of Sardinia only opened to the world in the ’60s by marrying an ecological philosophy and respectful of the environment that has no equal in the Mediterranean real estate market.


Destinations such as Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey or Croatia have a standard tourist development developed by the land of reference.


The request in Italy, but especially from overseas, it has evolved over the last twenty years and expresses different requirements than in the past.

Culture and sensibility have refined, potential buyers have become more demanding. A more sophisticated business segment was created and particularly sensitive to values such as quality of life, wellness, and lifestyle related to exclusivity and excellence of the services offered by the accommodation and from the territory.


The resource estimate, the time, the available budget, the environment, social awareness, quality of experience, local communities, the slow life, technology, sustainability, knowledge and well-being, “green” and Sustainable behaviors become the pillars for a new way of “realizing real estate” in accordance with a vision of development, based on the excellence of the proposed products.


The Immobilsarda Added Value

Immobilsarda’s philosophy starts from the assumption that tourist properties do not respond to a primary residence requirement, but rather adapt to existential and emotional necessities linked to the quality of life. This solid principle is the guiding principle that unifies the various areas and sectors of the Company: from brokering, to institutional consulting, to design and development.

A house in Sardinia cannot be rated “in the market”. Contrariwise, the value of a property in Costa Smeralda and throughout Gallura is defined by different variables that improve the lifestyle of who owns it:


The Location
Understood as Nearness or Sea View
Architectural Style, Possible Refurbishing
The Neighborhood and the Context
The Presence of Services such as Golf, Marina etc.
The Garden or the Swimming Pool


Living in Sardinia mean Good Living

Respect for the untouched and eco-sustainable environment, landscapes are increasingly evaluated by the Italian and international marketplace, who aware and sensitive to the context that improves the quality of everyday life. The value of a home is much higher if it is integrated with the surrounding area and generates real emotions. Equally important is dealing with local traditions that in Sardinia and Gallura, in particular, are authentic and live today more than ever.


And what does Healthy Food and Good Wine mean in this Mediterranean Paradise?

Immobilsarda believes to meet the most sophisticated needs of its customers which thanks to us can make the most of their time enjoying a unique sea, unequaled views and panoramas, inebriating scents of Mediterranean Paradise. ImmobilSarda does not simply sell beautiful houses; ImmobilSarda offers you the opportunity to improve your life.


We Drawing to Establish Ecostainable Housings and Landscapes

Together with our customers, we process of sustainable development that promotes bio-building and architecture as complementary elements of the landscape. We simplify the entire process from brokerage to consulting, from design to development, giving you the time to get what it suits you.

Immobilsarda chooses only unique residences as for location, constructive quality, panoramic views and privacy; characteristics that on the real estate triples the value of the property. It is not the marketplace to make a difference to a house at sea but the value it buys in improving the life of those who live in it and in respecting, enhancing the landscape around it.


We follow a new vision that implies a new concept of landscape design in an eco-sustainable way, promoting bio-architecture and bio-building, thus pursuing new design and construction methods.


Today we are living through an era which sustainable construction, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the impact to zero homes, are essential to determine new parameters of quality required by the market and expected to a mature customer and sensitive to these issues.