Weekend Sport in Sardinia


Three Beautiful Stages nestled in Nature, with Photography and Trekking


For this weekend we recommend three different sport events, for nature, and wellness lovers, in really suggestive Sardinia places worthing to be discovered and photographed.



Photography and Walking along the Marina Gairo Coast


Walking In Sardinia offers four simple walks where we can discover many small very picturesque corners to explore. Coccorrocci, Cala ‘e Luas, Su Sirboni, the natural pools of Monte Ferru and finally the fascinating and mysterious Domus de Janas of Monte Arista.


2017 December the 10th 9:00 am, Camping Coccorrocci – Gairo

Path length: 8 km – difference in altitude: +/- 250 meters – Difficulty: E


Price: € 20.00 All participants are covered by insurance, the accompaniment will be performed by driving AIGAE (Italian Association of Nature Guides).

Info and bookings:
+39 3246608394



Excursions, Music and Flavors in the Sette Fratelli Forest Area


Excursion with departure and arrival in the Maidopis valley, between ancient paths facing towards the mythical Peaks, immersed in the woods and granites rocks. Following Concert Launeddas edited by Ignazio Frau and drink.


2017 December the 10th 8:30 am, Valle di Maidopisy – Sinnai

Path length: 8 km – difference in altitude: +/- 350 m – Difficulty: T


Price: € 25.00 (excursion + lunch); € 5 per person (concert + drink)

Info and Bookings:
+39 3489305607



Walk to Tiscali and ruins of Dolina


For a different day and away from everyday stress, Sardinia World Adventures offers a walk in the nature of Supramonte in the picturesque setting of Valle del Lanaitto. We will reach the chasm of Tiscali to admire the view and the beautiful ruins of Dolina.


2017 December the 10th 8:30 am – Tiscali
Path length: 7,5 Km


Price: € 15.00 (entry to the Nuragic Village of Tiscali, included)

Info and bookings:
+39 3478434650