Weekend Trekking Excursion

Outgoing to Sa Giuntura


Hike between the Supramonte of Urzulei and Orgosolo, wilderness areas covered by oak trees, gorges, nuraghi and karst caves are some of the places we visit.


01 Novembre, UrzuleiĀ 08:30 am s.s. 125 at Genna Cruxi


We begin to walk in “Seddon ar Baccas” in the neighborhood of fold, the excursion will take us to visit many monuments of natural and historic interest rates millennial Nuraghi surrounded by centuries-old oak forests, the bed of the “Flumineddu”, ancient sheepfolds, “Sa splice” in which the waters of the Rio “Orbisi” meet those of “Sa Codula Manna”, the antrum of “Piscina Urtaddala” and much more.


Challenging excursion from the physical point of view and also from a technical point of view aimed at people who are used to hike. The route is suitable for dynamic people and in good physical shape, they have no physical or health problems. Necessary to have walking shoes, comfortable clothing, a waterproof jacket, hat, picnic lunch, water (1,5lt), some snacks.


Meeting points: Orosei at 07:30 (Piazza del Popolo); 08:30 SS125 Step “Genna cruxi” after the junction for Urzulei for those coming from the south way; after Silana for those arriving from the north way


Info: Jebel Sardinia jebelsardinia@gmail.com +39 3383854973 +39 3441202654